Yasmin is a Life & Business Intuitive providing guidance, advice and teachings on all things spiritual.

There is something for everyone whether you are new to energy or an established Healer or Energy Reader.  

She provides step by step teachings with a simple, playful and effective approach.  

It really can be as easy as it seems, just try it to believe it!

Available Products

Free Resources

Free Resources to help you with energy basics and learning to connect with your intuition.

Psychic Reading

30 min Psychic Readings to provide you with guidance and clarity in all areas of your life.


60 min Healing to help you overcome blocks, trauma, limiting behaviour and self sabotage.

Soul School

A group for women to become better attuned to who they really are with spiritual and wellbeing practices.

How To Stay Grounded In Your Sovereignty

A webinar with Tim Whild & Yasmin Ibrahim where we help you stay grounded in your power during ascension and these testing times.

Vision Boarding

Vision Boarding - 5 Steps to Create a Vision Board That Speaks To the Universe.

3D to 5D Manage Your Ascension

This Masterclass helps you understand the Great Awakening and your journey from 3D to 5D.

Balancing Energies of Land & Home

Learn to clear and re-intentionalise the energies of your home and the land that your home sits on.

Learn To Channel

Learn to connect to your intuition and channel messages from angels, guides and source energy.

Intuitive Planning

A guided process to help you remember your Soul's plan and what's in store for the year ahead.

Intuitive Dating

Intuitively connect with your heart and body to understand the signals for your perfect dating match.

Energy Reading Humans

Learn how to read the energy of people that you know and people that you have not yet met!

Intuitive Eating

Use your intuitive connection to fix your relationship with food and your body.

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