I'm Yasmin Ibrahim an Intuitive Guide, Channel and Mentor.  

I am passionate about helping people connect to their soul mission by living and working in purpose led lives and businesses.

My expertise is in bringing you practical advice, energy work, resolving limiting beliefs and removing blocks to ensure you live a life of joy.

I created this hub following a demand for basic energy management tools and practices as well as ongoing personal and spiritual development.

You will find free resources, membership groups and webinars which are simple and very effective.

My motto is 'everything can be effortless if we allow it'.
My mission is to help as many people as possible become self sufficient in their growth potential and win at the game of life.

Available Products

Free Resources

Here you will find FREE Resources to help with energy basics.

You will also find exercises and short courses if you are new to spirituality such as how to meditate.

Soul School

Soul School helps you navigate the energies as they happen.

It might be planetary retrogrades, global events, limiting beliefs and unblocking stuck energies.  

Whatever is going on energetically, Soul School help you grow through them whilst aligning with Soul and Purpose every month.

Here you will find content drip fed through month including:

  • In-depth energy updates
  • Worksheets for the theme of the month
  • Meditations
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Monthly Online Meet Ups to build community and support
  • Access to all previous lessons and content
  • Additional workshops not available outside of Soul School
  • Discounts on Masterclasses, Psychic Readings and Intuitive Coaching sessions and packages

Soul School is FREE for the first 7 days, after which the full price monthly subscription is payable.

Please see Terms and Conditions of Soul School.

Psychic Reading

30 min Psychic Readings help provide clarity and direction. Yasmin can answer specific questions you have or read freely for what is in store for you.

She reads energy for you (past, present and future), loved ones that have passed, your physical and energetic bodies.

NOTE: Yasmin will call you at the time booked. If you are outside the UK, you will be called via What'sApp.

Healing Session

Healing Sessions are 60 min long and are hosted on Zoom.

In these sessions we work towards healing:

  • self sabotage
  • trauma and abuse
  • limiting beliefs
  • energy blocks and chord cutting
  • inner child and baby in the womb

Purpose Led Business Academy

Purpose Led Business Academy is a monthly membership group helping you to start and grow your purpose led business.  

It comprises of a minimum 6 month commitment at an introductory price of £99pm, online course modules and a private Facebook Group.

For a limited time, you will also receive a Business Suite which compromises all the documents you need to lay down the foundations of a business and a FREE 30 min coaching call with me when you need it most.

Each month we focus on an aspect that help you lay the foundations of a business, become clear with your message and gain clients.

You will also learn how to resolve your limiting beliefs around imposter syndrome, charging money, becoming visible and much more.

Vision Boarding

Vision Boarding - 5 Steps to Create a Vision Board That Speaks To the Universe.

This proven method will help you manifest faster than any other vision board method.

3D to 5D Manage Your Ascension

This Masterclass was recorded with live participants.

The class will walk you through:

  • What is ascension?
  • How it will or is affecting you
  • How to manage it
  • What is means for you and humanity
  • The transition from 3D to 5D
  • Leaving people behind
  • The effects of clearing trauma

Included are some live exercises and mediations that take you through the process.

You will need a pen and paper to make notes and some water to keep hydrated.

Everything you need to know about ascension and the Great Awakening of 2020.

Balancing Energies of Land & Home

This Masterclass was recorded with live participants.

You will walk through the process of understanding how to clear the energy of your home and the land it sits on.

There are exercises to help with:

  • Clear energies or imprints of previous occupiers
  • Intentionalise each space/room to work for you and your family's wellbeing
  • Understand and clear energies of the land of your property and the surrounding land
  • Remove any lingering spirits that affect the energy of your home 
  • Understand the energy imprint of your home

Please ensure you have a pen and some paper handy and a glass of water to stay hydrated.

Learn To Channel

We are experiencing such exciting times for our spiritual growth!

More and more people are having awakenings. It feels like knowledge bomb like a bolt out of the blue with something you needed to know in the moment.

Our instincts are sharper, we have more of a sense of knowing of what feels right in this moment and the next. We are experiencing more and more premonitions, vivid dreams and thoughts that become reality.

What if you could hone this skill in and learn to channel?

Understand where they come from?

Learn what you are connecting to and how to nurture the connection to be able to hear, see and feel the messages easily and clearly.

You don't need special skills or to be gifted - this bit is a fallacy!

Everyone can do it. It's like a muscle it just needs flexing.

It does take commitment, practice and know how with some validation thrown in.

Some people are frightened of what they might see - I promise you it is a beautiful and graceful experience.

Learning to channel is the first step to really connecting with powers higher than ourselves that offer us guidance, clarity and direction.

Your very own spiritual team that you consult for all areas of your life.

I have taught thousands of people how to connect to their intuition and use it in their lives personally and in business and I would love to walk you through the journey of discovering your connection.

In this webinar I will teach you different ways to connect to your intuition so that you find a way that helps you best receive messages.

You will understand which spirit guide you are channelling and how they can specifically help you.

This Masterclass a is must for anyone who is sensing a shift in their awareness and wants to learn more about how to connect and bring in more alignment, happiness and purpose into their lives.

Whether you are brand new to channelling or channel already and would like to advance your practice, this class will help you expand your connection.

This Masterclass is a recording taken from an original class.

Intuitive Planning

Intuitive Planning is exactly what you might imagine it to be - using your intuition to plan for 2021.

I've been using this method with clients for the last 4 years in my 1:1 mentoring sessions with amazing results.

It came about after many of my clients wanted to manifest a new reality. A reality of happiness, financial stability, success in passion led projects all whilst living in the places that they always dreamed of.

I was able to help them see what their soul had planned for them and how to make it happen. This then morphed into a workshop which I have hosted online and in person.

As you know, intuition is powerful in helping make life decisions and you will find that if you listen to it, life becomes so much easier with more flow and presence because it is aligned with your soul.

In this masterclass you will learn how to:

✶ predict what 2021 has for you in your chosen area ie: love, work, family life

✶ find out who helps you achieve success in this area

✶ know where you need to be to meet important people that impact you

✶ let go of preconceived ideas about your success

✶ explore what needs to happen in your life to achieve your 2021 timeline

✶ get comfortable with using your intuition to predict for yourself

✶ learn how to discern what to act upon and what to leave behind

✶ understand how to get validation through your actions that you are on track

This masterclass has helped many people become really aligned with with their soul's purpose and mission. It is like a short cut to get on the right timeline helping you to stop wasting time on things that pull you back or send you in the wrong direction!

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