Purpose Led Business Academy

Purpose Led Business Academy

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How To Use Google Sheets

This module has one lesson which walks you through the basics of using Google Sheets.  

The Business Suite is produced on Google Sheets as it can accommodate text and sums.

If you are new to using Google Sheets, watch the video below, otherwise move onto the course.

Module 1 - Know Yourself

Here you will discover the foundations of you.

Without you, your business is not a business. 

Understanding who you are and what you bring to your business is a valuable exercise.

It helps you stay aligned and focussed and anchors meaning and reason to your purposed led business.

Module 4 - Organisation & Productivity

In this Module you will learn about how to:

  • organise your time
  • prioritise your to do lists
  • manage productivity to maximise return
  • energy management
  • staying in your lane

Before you move onto this module, ensure that you have ticked off everything on your check lists and that you have given enough time to collect the information needed in each task.

Module 5 - Business Finances

In this module you will learn the how to keep track on how much your business is making, the expenses and profits.

You will understand what you can and cannot expense and why you should be showing a profit.

You will also discover how to work the profit first system which is a system to ensure that you are always on top of your business finances allowing you to know exactly where you stand at any given time.  

Module 6 - Developing Your Business

In this module you will learn the many ways in which you can grow and develop your business further.

This includes getting media exposure, advertising and marketing.

Begin with this module once you have all the basics running well.  The basics alone will help you achieve your need/want to earn number.  From then on you can use the methods in this module to scale up further.

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