Balancing Energies of Land & Home

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn how to clear energies from your home.

It's much more than wafting some sage around and hoping to the clear your space. 

This Masterclass helps you to:

  • Clear energies or imprints of previous occupiers
  • Intentionalise each space/room to work for you and your family's wellbeing
  • Understand and clear energies of the land of your property and the surrounding land
  • Remove any lingering spirits that affect the energy of your home 
  • Understand the energy imprint of your home

Why do you need it?

When you change the energies of your home, it changes how well you sleep, create and live.

It helps calm a restless household, particularly one that has young children.

It's also a great one if you are trying to sell your home as you cut the chords with the home allowing it to sell easily.

The change in energies is noticeable straight away.

This Masterclass is a recording taken from an original class.

1 Module

Energy Balancing For Your Home & Land


Head over to the Lesson to take the Masterclass.

Remember to have a pen and paper handy and a glass of water as energy work can be thirsty work!

Hope you enjoy and please do feedback with your comments to

Yasmin x

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