Learn To Channel

We are experiencing such exciting times for our spiritual growth!

More and more people are having awakenings. It feels like knowledge bomb like a bolt out of the blue with something you needed to know in the moment.

Our instincts are sharper, we have more of a sense of knowing of what feels right in this moment and the next. We are experiencing more and more premonitions, vivid dreams and thoughts that become reality.

What if you could hone this skill in and learn to channel?

Understand where they come from?

Learn what you are connecting to and how to nurture the connection to be able to hear, see and feel the messages easily and clearly.

You don't need special skills or to be gifted - this bit is a fallacy!

Everyone can do it. It's like a muscle it just needs flexing.

It does take commitment, practice and know how with some validation thrown in.

Some people are frightened of what they might see - I promise you it is a beautiful and graceful experience.

Learning to channel is the first step to really connecting with powers higher than ourselves that offer us guidance, clarity and direction.

Your very own spiritual team that you consult for all areas of your life.

Yasmin has taught thousands of people how to connect to their intuition and use it in their lives personally and in business and I would love to walk you through the journey of discovering your connection.

You will understand which spirit guide you are channelling and how they can specifically help you.

Who is it for?

This Masterclass a is must for anyone who is sensing a shift in their awareness and want to learn more about how to connect and bring in more alignment, happiness and purpose into their lives.

Whether you are brand new to channelling or channel already and would like to advance your practice, this class will help you expand your connection.

This Masterclass is a recording taken from an original class.

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Learn To Channel


Head over to the Lesson to take the Masterclass.

Remember to have a pen and paper handy and a glass of water as you will be working on live exercises and this can dehydrate you.

Enjoy and remember to feedback your experience!

Yasmin x

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