Intuitive Planning

Intuitive Planning is exactly what you might imagine it to be - using your intuition to plan for 2021 and beyond.

Yasmin has been using this method with clients for the last 4 years in my 1:1 mentoring sessions with amazing results.

It came about after many of her clients wanted to manifest a new reality. A reality of happiness, financial stability, success in passion led projects all whilst living in the places that they always dreamed of

She was able to help them see what their soul had planned for them and how to make it happen. This then morphed into a workshop which she hosted online and in person.

As you know, intuition is powerful in helping make life decisions and you will find that if you listen to it, life becomes so much easier with more flow and presence because it is aligned with your soul.

What do you learn?

  • predict what 2021 has for you in your chosen area ie: love, work, family life
  • find out who helps you achieve success in this area
  • know where you need to be to meet important people that impact you
  • let go of preconceived ideas about your success
  • explore what needs to happen in your life to achieve your 2021 timeline
  • get comfortable with using your intuition to predict for yourself
  • learn how to discern what to act upon and what to leave behind
  • understand how to get validation through your actions that you are on track

This masterclass has helped many people become really aligned with with their soul's purpose and mission. It is like a short cut to get on the right timeline helping you to stop wasting time on things that pull you back or send you in the wrong direction

The Masterclass is filmed with live participants.

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