Intuitive Dating

Who is this for?

Anyone using dating apps sending dull endless messages that go nowhere.

Perhaps you've met people that either don't look like their pictures or are not ready to date?

Do you attract people who are only interested in 'hooking up'?

Are you feeling disillusioned because they are either emotionally or physically unavailable?

Dating can be minefield of mixed messages and actions leaving you feeling deflated and wondering how you will ever find a meaningful and lasting relationship.

What do you learn?

  • how to stop repeating old patterns
  • to allow yourself to intuitively feel the perfect match
  • read the signals of someone who doesn't want to commit
  • see and feel the red flags in the first meeting or conversation
  • feel worthy of having a meaningful and happy relationship
  • understand why you overlook behaviours that don't align
  • avoid sabotaging the ideal relationship

This Masterclass will take you on a deep dive into how to intuitively feel if your potential date is likely to lead into a lasting relationship.

Let's attract the partner of your dreams!

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