Energy Reading Humans

Energy Reading Humans helps you to read the energy of people in your life and those that you could potentially meet.

You don't have to be face to face with someone or read them from a picture to read their energy.  In this Masterclass, I show you show you how to read people's energy even if you have no idea where they live or their name!

This becomes really helpful if you are due to meet someone, go on a date or want to read into your friends and family's energy to see how they are doing.

Who is it for?

My simple techniques are easy to grasp whether you are a complete newbie to energy reading or an established energy worker who would like to enhance your intuitive connection.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Understand where you are receiving your messages from
  • How to body scan and pick up ailments and trapped trauma and effectively release it
  • How to read past, present and future for yourself and others
  • Ground yourself to be wholly present to enable more connected intuition
  • Protect your energy field with an energy bubble
  • How to close down energies after a reading
  • Intuitively plan for yourself 

This 3 hour course will teach you enough to get started with energy reading and understanding which part of your body your intuitive voice comes from.

It also includes meditations for you continue your work post masterclass.

This and all Masterclasses are filmed with live participants

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Energy Reading Humans


Head over to the Lesson to take the Masterclass.

Remember to have a pen and paper handy and a glass of water as you will be working on live exercises and this can dehydrate you.

Enjoy and remember to feedback your experience!

Yasmin x

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